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Asia, China

Eartan Hydroelectric Dam

The main project components of Ertan are a concrete double-curvature arch dam (240m high and 775m long) and a huge underground powerhouse complex. Ertan dam, located on Yalong River (Sichuan), is China’s first dam exceeding 200m, and Ertan underground powerhouse complex is the largest one in Asia. The underground complex includes a powerhouse cavern (281m×26m to 31m×66m) with six 550MW units, a transformer cavern (215m×19m×25m) and a surge chamber (201m×19m×69m). The project also has the two large spillway tunnels (13m×13.5m) and a 500m-long bridge, 7 surface spillways and 6 middle outlets. The Project was completed in 2000.

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